Unlocking the Power of Data with Interoperable Solutions.

Best-of-breed solutions designed to help our customers unlock the power of their critical data sources by eliminating silos enforced by legacy systems and by enabling seamless sharing through the creation of highly secure interoperable ecosystems.


High-performing enterprise data integration platform flexibly designed for robust and reliable data processing and quality assurance.

  • Accepts, routes, maps, and translates diverse data sets according to custom configurations.
  • Automates data quality validations, refreshed on demand and in real time, to ensure data integrity, completeness, and validity.
  • Assures high-quality data outputs for downstream use cases, such as clinical portal, notification, and analytic and reporting services.
  • DataConnect™ is powered by the Lyniate™ Rhapsody® engine.


Sophisticated archival application enabling structured querying, on-demand replaying, and precise reporting of specific HL7® raw messages.

  • Copies and stores incoming HL7® (Health Level Seven®) raw messages from the enterprise integration engine into a separate, structured database.
  • Provides easy-to-manage configuration options to enable database queries based on user-specific use cases.
  • Locates specific raw messages from the archive database to replay and rebuild the data store when needed.


Proven medical terminology engine offering a systematic way of transforming local coding norms into industry-standard vocabularies.

  • Uploads, defines, and translates local medical terminology from EHR and billing systems (e.g., ICD, CPT, HCPCS, LOINC, SNOMED) into industry-standard values and descriptions to deliver high-quality data sets.
  • Safeguards the protection of sensitive information by flagging configurable value sets of interest to block or sequester according to delivery preferences.
  • Suspends unknown local codes processed through the Enterprise Integration Engine to give users the opportunity to resolve the transactions before insertion into the data warehouse.
  • Tracks and analyzes all terminology transactions through a series of key performance indicators displayed in a dashboard presentation for quick consumption.


Application Programming Interface (API) toolkit to facilitate expanded and seamless exchanging of electronic health data across the healthcare community.

  • Facilitates the exchange of healthcare information electronically through RESTful and HL7® FHIR® standard API interoperability specifications.
  • Makes patient health records readily available, discoverable, and understandable to diverse healthcare systems and varying technologies.
  • Ensures fast, reliable access to accurate data through endpoints that have been enhanced and optimized for HIE data-sharing practices.

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