create something extraordinary

It’s that simple. We’re ready to change the game, to try new things, to think in ways previously unimaginable. Advancing health information interoperability with innovative applications of data and technology.

creating connections to improve patient care

To cultivate, to collaborate, and to advocate are our guiding principles. Leveraging proven, industry-leading software through a collaborative, best-of-breed model, we innovate with a curious eye and with the challenge to always do better.

imagine the unimaginable

our products

Best-of-breed solutions designed to help our customers unlock the power of their critical data sources by eliminating silos enforced by legacy systems and by enabling seamless sharing through the creation of highly secure interoperable ecosystems.

our services

Innovative technologies and methodologies carefully developed to convert and curate diverse data assets into actionable insights in real-time for our customers to leverage in making care decisions and in overcoming complex business challenges.

our partners

Leveraging proven, industry-leading software and expertise through a collaborative best-of-breed model. We keep our friends close and our partners even closer so that we can continue to meet ever-evolving customer needs and use cases.

advancing visions of interoperable ecosystems

Innovative, reliable, and seamlessly integrated health information technology solutions carefully designed to support our customers’ sound decision-making and critical healthcare transformation activities.