creating extraordinary interoperable solutions

Cureous Innovations is dedicated to improving health, wellness, and care experiences through sophisticated applications of data and technology. While our name may be new, the minds and technologies behind our vision have been informing the decisions driving healthcare transformation for the past several decades.


We explore the unbeaten path to build interoperable ecosystems. Through sophisticated applications of data and technology, we aim to improve patients’ health, wellness, and care experiences.


We keep our friends close and our partners closer. By establishing a best-of-breed model that leverages proven solutions, we provide the flexibility and responsiveness required by ever-evolving use cases and customer needs.


We offer an experienced record of reliability, innovation, and leadership. We assist our customers in breaking through common technology and strategic barriers to advance healthcare transformation.

Cureous Innovations was founded on the mission to operate and advance interoperability — not just sell it. We understand there’s never a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s complex. But through a collaborative, person-centric approach, we help initiatives realize their visions of healthcare transformation by building interoperable ecosystems of health information technology.

Powered by HealthInfoNet, an independent nonprofit that delivers health information exchange services for the state of Maine’s healthcare community, Cureous Innovations descends from a proven legacy of improving patient care.