unlock the power of data with interoperable products

Best-of-breed products designed to help our customers unlock the power of their critical data sources. We eliminate silos enforced by legacy systems to enable seamless data-sharing through the creation of highly flexible environments.


an intelligent data integration system.

Ensure robust processing and validation of diverse data sources with a high-performing data integration system powered by the Lyniate™ Rhapsody® engine. Built with HL7® FHIR® standard capabilities, dataConnect™ has been expertly designed to adapt and advance as new use cases emerge.


a proven medical terminology engine.

Overcome the complex challenges of homegrown local coding norms by transforming unique medical concepts into industry-standard values (e.g., ICD, CPT, SNOMED, etc.). termAtlas® offers a systematic way of collecting, standardizing, and delivering information in formats understood by all.
"We are excited about our new initiative with Cureous Innovations and our use of their terminology management system, termAtlas®. We believe this is an important opportunity to benefit from new infrastructure efficiencies and to collaborate with and learn from the teams at Cureous Innovations and HealthInfoNet. We look forward to developing this partnership over the long-term."
Beth Anderson
President & CEO, Vermont Information Technology Leaders (VITL)


a sophisticated archival application.

Dive deeper into data quality analysis with focused queries, targeted remediation, and on-demand reprocessing of selected data inputs. smartArchive™ receives, parses, and stores raw HL7® messages in a relational database to provide users with greater control of their data.

pair termAtlas® with dataConnect™ and/or smartArchive™ to establish the foundation of a robust data quality platform optimized for various terminology use cases.

collaborating with cureous minds

Leveraging proven, industry leading software and expertise through a collaborative best-of-breed model. Partnership is critical to our success.