We're Exploring the Unbeaten Path

Cureous Innovations Inc. is dedicated to improving health, wellness, and care experiences through sophisticated applications of data and technology. 

While our name may be new, the minds and technologies behind our vision have been informing the decisions driving healthcare transformation for the past several decades.

Powered by HealthInfoNet, an independent nonprofit that delivers trusted health information exchange services for the state of Maine’s healthcare community, we descend from a proven legacy of improving patient care.

We were founded on the mission to operate and advance interoperability – not just sell it. We understand there’s never a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s complex. But through a collaborative, person-centric approach, we can help initiatives realize their visions of healthcare transformation by building interoperable ecosystems.

Leveraging proven, industry-leading products, services, and expertise through a collaborative, best-of-breed model, we innovate with a curious eye and with the challenge to always do better. 

Let’s create something extraordinary.

“Maine has been our home for more than a decade, and HealthInfoNet will continue to serve the communities in which we live to deliver trusted and reliable health information exchange services. But as initiatives across the country evolve and demand proven expertise and dependable partners, Cureous Innovations is a natural next step. The creation of Cureous Innovations is evidence that what we’ve done in Maine has been an immense success – and the very knowledge and experience that we’ve amassed over the years will greatly benefit others across the country.”

Shaun Alfreds, HealthInfoNet CEO and Cureous Innovations President and CEO.