Curating Data Insights with Innovative Applications.

Innovative technologies and methodologies carefully developed to convert and curate diverse data assets into actionable insights in real-time for our customers to leverage in making care decisions and in overcoming complex business challenges. 

Full-Stack HIE

End-to-end health information exchange (HIE) solutions to seamlessly connect patients’ health care through improved interoperability.

  • Develops and deploys formidable technologies and services that establish a foundation enabling the facilitation of effective health information exchange - from data collection through analytics and reporting.
  • Ensures customer success and sustainability through collaboration with proven partners and trusted software invested in the transformation of patients' care coordination and delivery.
  • Enables accurate decision-making at the point of care with systems that connect patients' health care activities when it matters most.

Identity Resolution

Trusted software and algorithms constructing longitudinal matching measures to accurately track individuals and their health information.

  • Tracks individual patients – and their health information – across disparate data sources, between facilities, and over time.
  • Constructs probabilistic and deterministic matching measures to identify records that belong together, even if a patient’s information changes.
  • Compares, searches, matches, and links patients’ records to ensure that their medical record is as complete, comprehensive, and up-to-date as possible.

Analytics & Reporting

Contemporary tools and methodologies advancing improved risk and population health management and operational decision-making.

  • Clinical Treatment - Identifies patients most at risk for future utilization and higher costs, helping reduce unnecessary emergency department and hospital visits, tests, and procedures.
  • Care Coordination - Helps better target and administer evidence-based care for patients with chronic disease to prevent complications and hospitalizations.
  • Population/Public Health - Illuminates quality measure gaps to put performance improvement plans in place quicker and more efficiently.

Support Center

Modern service desk software empowering customers to effectively and efficiently overcome challenges as they arise.

  • Uses machine learning based on end users’ keyword searches to intelligently recommend the most relevant resources to assist with questions and issues.
  • Creates a dynamic and collaborative interaction between end users and technical teams to resolve questions with confidence.
  • Provides end users with the necessary channels to contact a member of a dedicated support team via personalized email and telephone connections.
  • Support Center is powered by Atlassian's Jira®, Jira Service Desk®, and Confluence® applications.

Our Service Partners